Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Forest Research

So research is under way, which means one crucial and exciting thing: the designs are officially being drawn.

After a well-deserved consult with the lovely Lexy Poston, we've finally started getting a good background layout design. As requested, I've looked up a few Ireland-related wild life that I thought would be inspiring to have in the film.

Next is the diagram to how these beautiful works of nature will apply to each scene. If only my scanner was working, I could have them up to tonight. Darn technology... Well here's a slideshow of said plants so you can pretend you're not sitting at home in front of a computer screen.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Senior Soiree

The Senior Soiree was a giant success! For anyone who is reading this after going the other day, thank you all for coming. It was a blast.

It was super packed and even though I brought my camera, very little pictures were actually taken, especially of me or my booth. The only evidence of me being there is this random video I took where half way through it I forgot I was recording and had a conversation:

With guest appearances by Esther, Stephanie, Melissa, Joy, and random guy who ended up being pretty awesome.

I'm super stoked. In fact, I was so stoked, I couldn't stop saying "sweet" to almost everything anyone said...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Senior Soiree

As some of you know, there is a Senior Project Soiree this Saturday (Oct 9th) were I'll be looking for people to volunteer for the Washer Woman crew. I have already rented a table and fashioned some cute little business cards using the Banshee's new design.

There is also another event on Thursday (Oct 8th) in CAS (Contemporary Animation Society) where there is a meet-and-greet between Sound Design majors and Animation majors looking for help on their film. I will be there with my business cards and some off-the-record designs in order to capture one of these fine fortissimo fellows.

See you then.

More Concepts

Now that Concept class is offically over, I can start working with my pre-production crew to make sure everything is solid. I have about 5 weeks to get everything figured out and get a Sound Designer on the team.

Currently Lexy Poston and Bernadette O'Keeffe are on the storyboard staff. So the second, and much better, animatic is under way.

In the mean time, I decided to redesign the characters to fit the new, more dark twist to the plot. Starting with the Banshee.