Saturday, May 21, 2011

Not Now But Soon

Over these past few months, everything that has been going into this film has been ideas coming to life - pieces of enthusiasm, creativity, and hard work shared between some very dedicated individuals. Now that we're in the final stretch of the film, all that fruit is ripening. In fact, I'm getting some roughs down while communicating with my compositor. I wanted to share what work we've been doing in these final weeks of production.

For those who didn't know, my senior film has a deadline given to me by SCAD for May 31. The film's debut to the public will be June 2nd in the Lucas Theater. Some students might recognize this poster floating around Montgomery Hall:

I'm really excited to have the film this close to completion! I feel like it's within arm's length and I know everyone is working their hardest to push this film through the finish line!

I hope everyone enjoyed making this film as much as I did!

To the last two weeks of production!