Monday, November 29, 2010


For anyone who noticed, the project has been on hold for the past few months. It's not without good reason, but inexcuseable besides.

In my absence, I snagged a producer - Jenny Plyler - who is as excited if not more so about this project than I am. She's become co-editer of the blog and so far has a very clear view of the road ahead.

As far as progress on the film itself goes, all is as it was left. The second animatic had been started already, but because of my vacation from the project I'm starting completely fresh. Especially since I've decided to take a more professional approach to it with the time I've been given.

Goals for December are a little high and my school-related schedule will not lend itself to my success. I have taken a bit of the layout design into my own hands, mostly for time and not wanting to ruin anyone's winter break. I have found a lot of inspiration in Scott Willis' layouts in the blog CandyCaneLand, mostly for color but I could learn a thing or two about composition along the way.

Look for images in the future.

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