Friday, December 10, 2010

Running Around Research

Long story short, I started doing research to better solidify the character sheets and i found out my original research on my character designs were not that accurate. Turns out I had been dressing both my banshee and the boy (whom I have named Aidan) around 1800s when banshee lore was actually more frequent around the 1400s.

So a few more days of research later, and I found the original dress the natives of ireland wore in the 1400s. Unfortunately, they don't lend themselves to very attractive silhouettes.

I did a quick line up to show how far my character designs have gone over the past few months, the last being what was supposed to be common dress in the 1400s:

Getting kind of nervous about how I would deal with the plaid as well. Too much detail in pattern can make clean up 10x slower.

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