Monday, April 25, 2011

Senior Soiree - Spring 2011

As many of you know, this past Saturday was another Senior Soiree - the last official one before the completion of our humble film! The turn out was small, but it left more time for bonding and it was a lot more personal. We already have a hand full of people who showed up working and diligent about the project, so I think everything worked out for the better!

Jenny and I got a little sentimental about it. Seeing how people respond to the project as it's progressing into it's final stages is really making me feel good about the final showing in June.

Other seniors were there, including the makers of the graduate film Rain Dance and the maker of Test Flight. Even just among the seniors/graduates participating in the Soiree, there was a very rich community. Rain Dance was even giving away stickers - which my friend, Jay, quickly put to good use.

Happy belated Easter, everyone!

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