Saturday, April 2, 2011

Next Phase

Bravo again, everyone, for finishing up the rough animation section of production! The next phase is going into production immediately starting this Sunday at 5pm specifically! That is when the first meeting for clean up with start and everyone who's been waiting patiently can finally jump up and get to work! (for more information on this meeting email me, Robin Stanberry, at

Some other meetings that simultaneously happened this weekend have been Painting Layout meeting and Sound Design meeting! These two teams are the smallest teams in the production (Sound Design winning with an impressive 1 person), but are some of the most important departments! The layout department even has a rough color test screen shot of what the film is aspiring to be:

I am thrilled to see everything coming together. As a director, this is one of my favorite parts. But it doesn't come without some hard work! So let's give it our best, everyone!

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