Thursday, February 24, 2011

Community Spirit

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic, trying to get all the scenes animated for keyframing and making sure everyone has time to work on their scenes. All-in-all, despite being a little behind, everyone is in good spirits that we can get the rough animation done on schedule.

On what days I'm not animating effects, I've been keyframing like the wind. And in good spirits for the production staff, I'd like to broadcast and encourage visual tomfoolery!

I'm pretty sure 19th century Ireland didn't have gangsters. Nonetheless, this made me glee. As did this:

Another wonderful piece by Kyle O'Neill, featuring one of the original concepts for the banshee.

Speaking of original concepts, this paniting of Aidan in the forest was one of the first concept pieces by the crew for how Aidan will look in the dark of the canopy! Matthew Luck did a series of these images for the film!

And this little doodle was sitting on Flash waiting for me when reviewing an animator's scene. It made my day!

Alex Burslem has had a lot of patience with me, since I keep giving him a lot of the appendage-based scenes. Little did I know he could draw Aidan's face! Go Alex!

This is another one I found hiding off stage in Flash. I might have to ask Rachel Proctor what this is exactly. I think it's Aidan having a heart attack.

These hilarious drawings are done by Caitlin Geels. Leave it to the washer woman to catch Aidan without his lasso of truth.

I wish I could remember who had this hiding next to the stage in one of the animations! I screen saved it for the blog and now I can't find their name!

If only things had turned out differently for Aidan - or he might have grown up to be a (bumBumBUM) secret agent.

I know there are more works by other staff members out there! I've seen them! And I've been trying to get a hold of them. If there are any members that would like to submit some great or even just derpy images of the film, I'd love to put them up on this blog!

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